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Wednesday, April 3, 2024 - 12:00am

Let’s talk trash.

Wednesday, March 27, 2024 - 12:00am

In the face of the wildfires devastating North Texas, Rancho Colorado Del Norte, a 100-year-old family farming and ranching operation in D’Hanis, is extending a helping hand to the affected farmers through the Panhandle Fire Relief Fund.


Officials say a new approach to jury summons will improve convenience for the public and increase efficiency for courts.

One of the final events of the Dogfest All Class Reunion in June was the Memorial Service held on Sunday morning at the Bandera River Park.

The state of Texas is granting Apple 25 million dollars from the Texas Enterprise Fund and is giving Apple a 15-year property tax abatement worth sixteen million dollars from Williamson County. These perks are going to a company that doesn't need extras from Texas taxpayers' pockets. This is called socialism, wrongly considered a dirty word most of the time, except when the handout is given to the wealthy. This type of scam happens all the time, whether it's called tax breaks, bailouts, or gentrification.

Jun 12, 2024 - 00:00

Editor’s note – Readers are reminded that an arrest is not an indication of guilt. People are presumed innocent after an arrest until convicted.


Jun 12, 2024 - 00:00


After concluding their season as four-time District Champions, the Medina Bobcat Baseball team was able to honor many athletes with All-District honors.

“When (Rube) Waddell had control and some sleep, he was unbeatable.”

After concluding their season as four-time District Champions, the Medina Bobcat Baseball team was able to honor many athletes with All-District honors.


Jun 12, 2024 - 00:00

Former president Trump, you had four years to lead the United States and failed us by your own choosing. Whether it be in foreign policy or domestic policy, you did not protect the United States as commander in chief.

Jun 12, 2024 - 00:00

Former President Donald Trump is still leading incumbent President Joe Biden in national polls despite being convicted by a New York City jury on May 30, according to the latest average of polls taken since then compiled by, with Trump leading Biden 45.4 percent to 44.6 percent.

Jun 12, 2024 - 00:00

The jury system has literally been around for millennia. Early Greek democracy included citizen juries; our modern system has its roots in medieval England. The fundamental idea was that fairness could be better achieved if a group of one’s peers in the community had input into the final decision of the court and could advise the judge according to their deliberations.

Residents in a total of 35 Texas counties now qualify for individual disaster assistance following a series of severe storms and flooding that began in late April, The Dallas Morning News reported.


Jun 12, 2024 - 00:00

Liz Rivera Vincent 69, of Bandera Texas passed away unexpectedly with her beloved friend Lola on May 22, 2024.

Jun 12, 2024 - 00:00

Ardell Harold Nelson (89) of Warren, Pennsylvania, passed away peacefully at his home in Vanderpool, Texas on 6 June 2024.

Jun 12, 2024 - 00:00

On June 5, 2024, Theresa Agatha Batto Helbert, 77, of Bandera, Texas, passed away peacefully, comforted by prayerful family and friends.

Jun 5, 2024 - 00:00

On Sunday, April 27, 2024, David Gwin Jr., went to meet his maker.