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Deep State losing its battle

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From the very beginning, the Deep State network of unelected bureaucrats whose influence has tainted the highest levels of government recognized an existential threat in Donald Trump.

Like Reagan, Trump’s been proven correct in his magnificent understanding of basic humanity: people want to be free whether from the brutal dictatorship of Chinese Communism or the velvet authoritarianism of Western elites controlling democracies from the shadows.

As 2019 closed, we saw the Deep State’s desperate struggle, as for the first time Donald Trump finally went on the offensive.

Tools of the Deep State screamed it’s Trump who must be “resisted,” despite the horrendous bureaucratic abuses of the previous administration.

Some resisters are puppets, unaware of what they really support. These are low-information voters who go along because it’s what they’ve always done.

They’re mostly good people who’ve been taken in, who believe without thought or reflection everything they’re told.

These are the easily duped individuals who Russian Communists 50 years ago would’ve called “useful idiots.”

Others are willing accomplices of the Deep State - the media personalities, celebrities and politicians who gain from our corrupted culture.

These are the people who in a sane world would never win a race even for Bandera’s street sweeper.

Totally ignorant of what a real dictatorship is, both groups dare to bestow the gravitas of every truly righteous rebellion upon their own crusade as they fight President Trump.

I‘ve watched in bewilderment as Democrats maneuvered to impeach President Trump. They‘ve no idea what disaster they’re courting. It will not end well for them.

In fact, it’s a disaster already as television ratings crater, and absolutely nobody in the real world speaks of Trump’s pending downfall.

Pundits lament that Americans are “…not taking this revolution seriously.”

Yet these same pundits willingly fail to understand the revolution has already happened. It came in 2016, when long-ignored flyover country turned against its “betters” in Washington.

We need to clarify something: the impeachment of Donald Trump is not a revolution. It’s a counter-revolution.

Since mid-2015, Deep State hardliners gazed first at Trump with derision, then desperation and finally planned his total destruction.

To them, the American people simply aren’t meant for looser control or running their own government.

But Trump’s message resonated with these same Americans as had nothing else in recent memory.

Democracy came to Eastern Europe by ballots, not bullets.

So too has American flyover country begun the revolt against their elitist masters.

Perhaps for the first time ever, Deep Statists shivered with inevitable fear.

If not Trump, then someone else would’ve threatened the entrenched political/media complex. Peril’s coming, it’s only a matter of when.

But the Deep State cannot tolerate rebellion, and so now an example must be made to force the unwashed masses back into submission.

The House of Representatives impeached President Trump.

Yet the last few weeks of 2019 were arguably the best of Trump’s presidency - not despite impeachment but in no small part because of it.