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Questions posed to liberal voters

I would like to ask those on the left a few questions. I challenge them to lay their obvious hatred for President Donald Trump aside and be honest with themselves.

1 - Do you really believe that Joe Biden is mentally qualified to lead the greatest country of all time? Joe can’t even link two thoughts into a complete sentence.

2 - Do you really believe capitalism is bad and needs to be replaced by socialism? When you compare the achievements of countries that are capitalist to those which are socialistic, capitalism wins every time (commerce, education, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, women’s rights, property ownership, hospitals, participation in government).

3 - Do you really want to pay more taxes? Currently, you are taxed on what you earn. You are taxed when you spend. You must pay taxes to keep your land and your transportation. I don’t know any reasonable person who desires to pay more taxes.

4 - Who do you think is going to pay for the Green New Deal? If you have a job and a mirror, you are looking at her when you put on your makeup or at him when you shave.

5 - I’ll let someone else deal with open borders, infanticide, no police, reparations ($150 million per person really) and BLM turning a blind eye to black-on-black crime.

The challenge - don’t let your emotions cloud your thinking when your cast your vote in November.

Vote for our future.

Charles Quinn


Partial opening of park proposed

I am reaching out to all of you today (July 17) in regards to the county park in Lakehills, Precinct 2.

I reached out to (County Commissioner) Mr. (Bobby) Harris this morning inquiring if the park was open. He advised me that it was not open and that the closure was extended yesterday at Commissioners’ Court.

He also stated that this decision was made because of the outbreak in San Antonio and would be reviewed on a weekly basis.

I asked him if opening the park to county residents only would be considered.

Before I could offer an explanation on why I was asking this, he began talking over me and sarcastically told me that when I provide him with two armed guards, he would consider this.

It is my understanding that Mr. Harris has been acknowledging and praising the Sheriff’s Department for sending officers to help control traffic and help encourage people to behave.

If this is truly how he feels about the Sheriff’s Department, why is he asking me to provide armed guards for him to consider opening it to county residents only?

I am still trying to figure out if Mr. Harris consistently speaks over people with sarcastic comments, or if I received this treatment because I am a woman.

As a life-long resident, we purchase annual boat ramp passes almost every year. My family has property near Thousand Trails.

As the lake continues to be drained, a lot of people are finding it more and more difficult to use their own personal boat ramps.

This is quickly becoming the reality for mv family.

We purchased an annual boat ramp pass on Jan. 26, 2020.

After initially purchasing this pass, we have been unable to use it again because the park has either been closed or has been filled to capacity.

Mr. Harris did inform me that 98% of the visitors to the park are from San Antonio.

As the park is a county entity, I would like to see the residents and taxpayers of this county have access to this county park or be offered a full refund of annual passes to the residents of Bandera County.

I will admit I find it odd that Mr. Harris has opted to close the county park while the commissioner that oversees Mansfield Park (and Commissioners’ Court) has allowed that county entity to remain open.

A weekly rodeo series that takes place there has seen attendance exceeding 500 people on a Friday night, with people coming from all over south and central Texas, including people from San Antonio.

Why should one of these county entities remain open while the other is closed?

If both were closed, I would believe the statement of trying to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

It seems that Mr. Harris may be trying to lighten his workload by closing the county park. I find it difficult to believe that people going out in their own boat would be worse than stacking people into stands to watch a rodeo.

I am asking that the county park be opened for county residents only. I am sure this would be greatly appreciated by many of the county residents that are not able to use their own boat ramps.

Jennifer Tschirhart-Konvicka

Five Creek