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MISD pleased with accountability score

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The Texas Education Agency’s new A – F Accountability Rating system gave the Medina Independent School District an overall score of a “B” for the 2018-2019 school year, a score that was well received by district officials but is still being evaluated to get a better understanding of its implications.

MISD Superintendent Kevin Newsom in commenting about the score had the following comments: “The new A – F system is new to us all and many districts along with their administration teams and trustees are still trying to get a full understanding on the new accountability system. With any new system, it will take a little while to get a full grasp of how accountability is graded and how teachers and administration teams address these new changes.”

He did say, however, that growth and improvement are the top priority for Medina ISD as it relates to the accountability measures.

“We are pleased with ‘B’ score, as it was a (numeric score of) 81 and a vast improvement of last year’s score of 74. This says a lot about our teachers and their focus on state standardized testing, and we are proud of the improvement we see in our students at Medina ISD.”

“Our standards and expectations from the community and our board of trustees is nothing less than ‘excellent,’ and an overall rating of ‘A’ is our goal for this district,” the superintendent said. “We are certainly impressed by the growth and improvement in this year’s scores and look forward to more improvement next year.”

Newsom, although realizing the importance of a State Accountability Rating system, said he considers it only one small part of the many things that make up a great district.

“We hold our students and our teachers accountable each and every day in all areas of the public education system and plan to continue those standards in the years to come,” Newsom said.

The Bandera and Utopia independent school districts also recorded scores of a “B” on the accountability measure for last year and saw their numeric scores on the assessment increase from the prior year for districts as a whole.