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November 24, 2021 - 05:00

I wonder if any of the Republican readers are bothered by the misinformation routinely presented in the Republican column? Last week the misinformation was so blatant that the column would have received an “F” as a high school social studies paper defining socialism. The author described something closer to authoritarianism or totalitarianism, where the “state” is in complete control and individuals have no option but to do as they are commanded to do.

Please go to your favorite dictionary and look up socialism. Then also look up “irony” to see how that word applies to a Republican objecting to the state controlling a citizen’s every decision. This is Texas, remember? We ban books that might upset students, we rewrite textbooks to leave out things we don’t like, and we tell teachers and school boards how to do their jobs. And by “we” I mean the state government. Oops!

If you are an independent person, regardless of what party you favor, please stop responding to dog-whistle words like “socialism” and do some deeper research, hopefully as good quality as a high school social studies paper that would earn a passing grade.

Susan Hull

Bandera, Texas