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Meals for Vets

November 24, 2021 - 05:00

Meals for Vets is a non-profit organization that provides meals for Veterans throughout the State of Texas. We are located in Fredericksburg. Spirits of Texas in Bandera asked us to participate in the Veterans Day activities, here in Bandera, on Saturday, Nov. 13.

Throughout the day, we had the privilege of speaking with many Veterans, along with their families, who had such heart-felt experiences in the military and after separating from the military. Our Veterans and their families are struggling. It is up to us as friends, family members, co-workers and the general public to reach out and support our Veterans.

If you are a Veteran who needs of meals, or if you know a Veteran who needs of meals, please go to our website, https://mealsforvets. org/. Fill out, sign, and submit the application. We do everything we can to assist Veterans with meals.

It was so exciting to see how the great citizens of Bandera rallied around and supported their Veterans this past weekend. We want to thank everybody.

That includes The Spirit of Texas and their amazing staff for inviting Meals for Vets to Bandera and for helping us raise money to feed Veterans in need.

Denise Chambers

Fredericksburg, Tx