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RE: Texas Ain’t Looking So Good

November 24, 2021 - 05:00

In Reply to Jodie Sinclair’s article about Texas on Nov. 10th, I would like to commend her for following the long honored Liberal practice of not telling “the Rest of the Story”. That is; of telling just enough to fit her narrative to mislead the reader.

Oh yes, she lists dates and news sources ( mostly bias left leaning sources in all her articles) to mislead the reader into believing that Conservative White Republicans are racist that are mostly responsible for attacks on Black people, that Republicans want to destroy the civil liberties of people of color to prevent them from voting and that State leaders who commit crimes are not punished.

Here’s the rest of the stories. I just mention race because the entire goal of her article was to convince readers that Republicans are racist. Violence:


Texas Man who killed 3 people and burned their bodies in a dumpster. What she didn’t mention is this happened in Democrat run Fort Worth and that he is a Native American. Texas man sentenced for false

Texas man sentenced for false Covid-19 claim-

His name is Christopher Charles Perez and he lived in the democrat Dallas suburb of Carrollton.

Arlington High School Shooter-

Thankfully, as of this writing, no one has died. Shooter claims self-defense due to robberies and bullying and has been released on bail. Arlington is also in a Democrat controlled area.

Two SA women shot in Bar Fight-

Bar was on Rigsby Ave. a known SA gang area. Democrat controlled San Antonio has one of the highest gang and crimes rates in America.

Fort Worth Shooter Injured One in Walgreens-

What she doesn’t tell you about this shooting is; the shooter is a Black Man who shot his Wife and he also KILLED a White Man trying to stop him. This is a perfect example of trying to mislead the reader.

Houston Night Club Shooting-God Bless our Law Enforcement while they continue to defend themselves against attacks from criminals, the left and socialist politicians; all while be defunded. Don’t go to a sports bar in democrat-controlled Houston.

Dallas Gas Station Teen Shooting-

A Black on Black gang related shooting in a democrat-controlled city.

Did you notice the Cities Trend?

Child Abuse: The System has issues throughout America, not just in Texas. You can help with donations if unable to take in children. Check on line. Having to spend State funds to secure our borders and care for illegal aliens doesn’t help fund Texas Foster Care Progams and Training.


Black Driver punched in Face:

The disagreement starts in Democrat controlled Austin when driver tells customer that he is tired and doesn’t want to finish his run so he should wait for another bus. The rider threatens him and driver tells him he will go to jail if he attacks him. Guy backs off and driver shuts bus down and gets off bus. Rider then punches him outside of bus and driver KO’s rider.

Now, for more of the over 3 minute video.

White female driver assaulted by black male is suspended for using her cell phone to dail 911.

Elder white male rider beaten to ground by younger black male rider.

Group of Black Teens called down by 54-year-old white driver is sucker punched by one.

Lost Moroccan:

The first implication here is that only English Newspapers carried the story. It’s all over google; CNN, The Blaze, Washington Post, New York Times, NBC, NPR, etc. I will withhold my judgement until more facts are presented at the trail.

Prosecutions of Public Officials:

PolitiFact with 100% truth meter reports that Ken Paxton’s Office has prosecuted 104 public officials for crimes. I will also note that the Texas Constitution states the PRIMARY function of the State AG is to represent the State in Civil Matters.

In regards to his own indictment, I guess charges will be filed about the same time Hillary’s and Comey’s are. He is still under FBI investigation and the USA office of the Southern District of Texas Prosecutors Office files more federal criminal cases than any other district in the USA. I would think Securities Fraud would fall under Federal Charges. Sounds to me like the ball is in their court.

Just Rammed in Law? Texas is ground zero for Gerrymandering on both sides.

Let’s not mention the Democrat 1991 map that was called the shrewdest gerrymander in Texas history.

So shrew that the Supreme Court of The U.S. upheld the 15th Admendment to the U.S Constitution against the Democracts and voided the election in 13 districts.

Gerrymandering as defined by Liberals,

Defined: A method used by Republicans when in power to change a voting district so as to dilute the voting numbers of minorities so as to increase the voting numbers of white people in the total number of votes to give political advantage to their candidates.

Defined: A method used by Democrats when in power to fairy balance the vote in a district so that minorities that live there become the majority in the total number of votes in order to fairly elect their candiates.

John Schuetze is a resident of Bandera Texas who wholeheartedly supports the entire U.S. Constutition which includes the 1st,2nd,4th and 15th Admendments.

John Schuetze

Bandera, Texas