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November 24, 2021 - 05:00

I would suggest Mr. Moore learn the rules of Voting in Texas. For your information (FYI) if you are a citizen of the United States and reside in Texas you have a right to vote. However, first you must register to vote in the county where you reside. You must have a valid identification (i.e., Texas driver’s license, Passport, concealed Weapon ID, Texas Identification card). Afterward you are legally registered and vote in any election. If you change your address you must again supply the voter registrar with your new address so you can continue to be properly registered.

When you go to vote, it must be done at your local precinct or in early voting at another designated location. You must appear in person with a valid Photo ID. Even though are legally registered you will not be entitled to vote without presenting an approved Photo ID. Just presenting as Voter Registration Card will not be sufficient.

There are allowances for voting absentee, however, similar rules apply. You must be registered and reside at the same mailing address. The absentee ballot must be filed properly and timely and received by the Registrar prior to a certain specified date. (FYI we all are confronted with deadlines, i.e., if you have a plane flight scheduled do not expect to be late and thereafter complain the flight left without you.)

You stated ”Cracking Down on Voter Fraud when there is none is absurd.” FYI there is always a possibility of voter fraud but to vote in Texas the rules are there to protect the integrity of the voting by “legal eligible voters.” Voter fraud destroys the trust of legal voters which only leads to mistrust of any election. Requiring a photo ID when voting is a very simple way to protect the voting procedure. You should know you need to present a Photo ID when you fly with an airline, cashing a check, checking into a hotel and most of all receiving medical approval. So what is the problem with a Photo ID?

Also, please explain how Republicans are only “discouraging voters who do not support the Republican Party.” It seems to me Democrat candidates also appear on the election ballots.

One more thing: You describe 1/6 as an insurrection at the Nation’s Capital. Can you name one person who has been charged with insurrection.” You cannot because no one has been charged with that violation.

Lastly you mention “Let’s go Brandon should go in the bottom of the canary cage right now.” My response to you sir is: GET A LIFE THIS ISN’T A DRESS REHEEARSAL. A little humor in life is good for the soul.

Marcus Kaspar

Bandera TX