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Justice For All: No Way

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So, who decides if you are innocent or guilty when charged with a crime?

Well, if you live in a liberal State like Wisconsin an overzealous Democratic appointed prosecutor with a political agenda, BLM or Antifa think they should decide. Not the court system or the twelve jurors that were picked to deliberate and decide guilt or innocence based and facts and evidence.

So, who am I talking about? If you have been keeping up with current events you will know I am talking about Kyle Rittenhouse.

Who is this guy? Well at the time this incident occurred he was a 17-year-old kid that decided he was going to go to Kenosha Wisconsin to help his father and the people of that city protect themselves from looters, rioters, and blatant criminals that the city has allowed to riot unchecked. And for this he was charged with murder and numerous other felonies even thought he was defending himself and the lives and property of the citizens of Kenosha.

Immediately the media called him a white supremacist, a militia member, racist, black people hater and on and on. No proof, no evidence, no indication he had ever belonged to any of those organization but, because he dared to fight the corrupt liberal establishment and the animals that refer to themselves as BLM and Antifa mainstream media like MSNBC and CNN crucified him in the press. Did he kill two people? yes, he did. Did he go armed to that riot? Yes, he did. Did he intend to kill those two rioters and wound a third? His actions proved beyond a reasonable doubt that he did not. In fact, it was the looters and rioters that chased him with guns drawn and would have most likely killed him if he would not have fired.

Wait let us get this straight.

The animals he killed were in the progress of looting, committing arson and most likely would have done much worse. Rittenhouse realizing that the situation was out of control departed the area for his safety and the safety of others. But the rioters chased him. Not the other way around. Clearly self defense in anyone’s book.

Based on these facts I am confused with this whole sordid mess. But as I analyze this situation, I can only come to one conclusion. If you live in a liberal city only looters, rioters, and criminals like BLM and Antifa have rights.

You are a slug a piece of meat that these liberal organization can kill, maim, or destroy and there are no consequence for their actions because they are liberals. Rules do not apply to them. You ask yourself how they stay in power. I think they call it voter fraud. No one in their right mind would vote for death and destruction. But they stay in power, yes power.

How? You figure it out.

Rittenhouse was not on trial in Wisconsin. Your liberty and rights were on trail and for a moment the bright light of justice was visible when a jury acquitted him of all charges.

But I would venture to guess that the liberal death squads will emerge in force to pray on the innocent and weak as they always do. I am amazed that it took a 17-year-old child to stand up to the tyranny and injustice in Kenosha. Shame on you Wisconsin.

Is this story over?

No, No. and No again.

The liberal left are outraged and already talking more gun control and suing Rittenhouse in civil court. This is a kid, a child they are attacking for killing rioters and looters.

But what would you expect from pro-abortion animals and cowards, attack the weak? What would you do if this happened in Bandera County? Would you have the same courage that this 17-year-old child displayed? I hate to sound like a broken record but next year we have the opportunity to regain control of the House and Senate.

You decide if you are going to push back against these violence mongering hate filled liberals.

Conrad Streigl is the Bandera County GOP Secretary and Bandera County Precinct Chair 102. He resides in Pipe Creek.