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In 1776

November 24, 2021 - 05:00

In 1776 and 1836 our American and Texas forefathers fought and died for the liberties we have today. Both the United States and Texas constitutions embraced a justice system where all persons could address grievances and those accused of crimes could be tried by a jury of their peers. The freedoms we enjoy only exist through each of us embracing our responsibility and sacrificing a few hours of time as jurors. Without you, our justice system does not work. Without you, there is not a venue to address our grievances. Without you, there is not a legal check on the legislative and executive branches of government. Without you, the system is broken. This month 175 citizens of Bandera County were summoned for jury duty. Only 36 appeared and the Court could not proceed with the jury trial. The failure of the Bandera Citizens to exercise their rights wasted a lot of resources, costs the County and the parties a lot of money, and more importantly, shut down your justice system. It’s an insult to our forefathers and our veterans who fought to preserve our freedom. Please don’t give away your liberty, do your duty and lets protect the most fair justice system in the world.


Rex Emerson

198th District Judge