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Safety upgrades called for on roadway

We live in Comanche Cliffs Subdivision off of Bottle Springs/ English Crossing Road. We have lived here since November 1990. The road was unpaved and muddy most of the time, and when the rains came, it was worse.

Since then, the road has been seal coated and is maintained from time to time to make it more pleasant to use.

I know there has been a recommendation to reduce the speed limit by five miles-per-hour on a particular stretch of the road.

Well, that is a good idea, because when we leave our subdivision onto the road, people coming from FM 1283 and going across the low water crossing seem to think that they are on a freeway.

There have been accidents in this area and will unfortunately be more.

One thing is for sure, and that is some people do not know how to drive on a road without a center stripe. Too many times we have just about had a head-on collision because of that fact! There are five blind curves on

There are five blind curves on that road, two going from FM 1283 to the low water crossing and the other three before Bridlegate.

Too many drivers are in the middle of the road when coming up a hill and going around curves, then they have to swerve to the side when meeting another vehicle to avoid accidents.

To alleviate this problem, the road needs to be striped or have signs installed that say “KEEP RIGHT” before the blind curves to make sure there are no fatal accidents.

Reducing the speed is also a matter of concern, but even if you have two vehicles meeting headon going 20-30 mph, there will still be severe injuries or fatalities.

Frederic P. Pokrant Bandera