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We Can Work Together

March 16, 2022 - 05:00
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Whether liberal, moderate, or conservative, attacking someone online is seen by those who want to destroy us as dissenting people who are unable to get along. It’s so easy to type out your feelings, but before you hit Enter, wait, reread, hopefully think about this article before you post or comment. If you must, only post it on your own page, not a public forum where so many people can view the disagreement.

Do you remember the aftermath of 9-11 like I do? We had just recovered from Y2K threats of the world imploding, a presidential election hanging on the balance of hanging chads, followed by the attack of our World Trade Center buildings, Pentagon, and the near miss of the White house. Once the dust settled, there was an eerie silence that made me realize I had taken air traffic noise for granted. But it was so much bigger than just noise.

It was very unsettling when the first military plane flew over my house after that horrendous event and all those lives lost. The best I can explain of how I felt is that I was nervous that we could be going to war on our own soil, in our own air, could this be how it ends? With each plane I heard for a while, I thought of those brave heroes who did all they could do to protect the White House, knowing they would be dying soon but didn’t cower. I often wondered how many of them where hugging friends, relatives, or strangers, as they neared their death.

Americans, as a whole, forgot or put aside their grievances against one another for a time after 9-11 because it was a reminder that life and time is so very precious. A reminder to “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff because it’s All Small.” A comradery of sorts was prevalent around the US.

When the commercial airlines opened their flights back up, heads looked up to the skies in awe! It took some time to begin taking the air noise for granted again. But that day came once again. Politics heated back up. People eventually forgot the comradery that was regained after the attack. Human nature overrode Humility, once again.

Keyboard Warriors, through the lens and memory of 9-11, please think about this for a moment, before you post or comment.

For those of you who feel a need to call someone out in an online public forum, such as a Facebook chat group, you have forever lost your credibility, in my opinion. My questions for you are:

Human decency necessitates a private discussion WITH someone NOT a public attack OF someone to address conflicts. Have you first had a conversation with the person you are attacking?

Are you actually just seeking attention?

Remember, “there are three sides to every story.”

While many people have a burning desire to get your thoughts off your chest, here are questions to those of you who believe local Facebook groups are a way to vent your grievance(s) without a private conversation with the individual you are attacking:

• Do you honestly believe your credibility remains intact once you have put your hate filled thoughts in written form for anyone to see online?

• Does it result in an instant euphoria

• Does it make you feel taller by making someone appear smaller to you?

• After it’s all said and done can you really hold your head high thinking you are better off by saying what you felt at that time?

In my view, it destroys all credibility to the author of posts or comments that are aimed at a specific person with or without having addressed it in private. Calling people names in a public forum furthers the destruction of the author’s and victim’s reputations. But hey it makes you feel better, right? But for how long?

IF you have a private conversation and still can’t agree, wouldn’t it be better to sit down in a small group to air your differences? Maybe invite an arbitrator. Remember Karma can really bite you in a place “where the sun don’t shine.” Of this, I speak from experience.

A Facebook Group is NOT Nike … Don’t “Just Do It” To recap, think before you attack. Talk your grievances

To recap, think before you attack. Talk your grievances out with the person before you type. Ask yourself what if you offended someone and they took their grievance to Facebook to attack you?

Your conscience and your soul will forever thank you!

Shirley Grohman is a lifelong conservative, Retired AT&T IT Project Manager, small business owner, residing in Lakehills, and a member of the Bandera County GOP Election Integrity Committee.