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March 16, 2022 - 05:00
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As the world watches in horror the unfolding tragedy in Ukraine, there is woven in the fabric of outrage and sorrow some lessons that seem to scream out for recognition. In this space I intend to laser on those lessons. Whether this column will see print is to be determined, but what is sure to happen is an attack on me and those who think as I do. So be it.

To begin, Ukrainians have been shocked and dismayed that their Russian brothers and sisters would allow these war crimes and atrocities to occur. In communication with their Russian brothers, they are shocked to hear that the story in Russia, through the carefully guarded media (if it can be called that) is that Russian troops are being welcomed as liberators and the fight is against fascists and Nazis (Zelinsky is a Jew). That’s how ridiculous the spin machine has made the propaganda to replace fact. As word is spreading slowly in Russia, the demonstrations are beginning and the crackdown against dissenters is deadly.

So reading these reports of propaganda replacing fact, I couldn’t really blame the Russian people. They think they know what’s happening, when they have no idea of the horror and destruction that’s being done in their name by a monster like Vladimir Putin. I then started thinking of my brothers and sisters in this country who seem to be blind to what’s happening in our country and not realizing they too are being manipulated by propaganda, though at a much reduced method. I’m going to list a few of these truths to ponder, even if this is my last column.

1. When Putin invaded Ukraine, Donald Trump said it was “genius.” His entire presidency was very Putin friendly. Russian state media used this and Tucker Carlson’s attacks in presenting their message to the Russian people.

2. Donald Trump was going to remove the U.S. from NATO and verbally attacked the organization on many occasions. NATO is all that’s keeping Putin from expanding his madness all over Europe.

3. Fox News and Tucker Carlson were continuously attacking Ukraine and championing Putin in the run up to this invasion. Their nauseating misinformation has not been denounced by Fox or the Republican Party.

4. Donald Trump was impeached because of his actions to Zelensky, trying to bully him into creating information that would have been damaging to Joe Biden’s son. When it didn’t work he withheld many arms from Ukraine that could have been used in this struggle.

5. The insurrection on January 6th was just that. It was not a wgroup of tourists who were peacefully strolling the grounds. It was a group of thugs trying to take over the government,

6. As evidence grows every day, it’s becoming more and more clear that the storming of the capital was not an isolated event. The congressional committee investigating those events will present a clear statement of how close we came to losing our democracy in this country.

I could go on and on. My point is that if you derive your reality from Fox News, One American News, News Max TV or WOAI radio and other right wing stations, you probably don’t really know what’s going on. I have the obligation to my fellow citizens and friends to tell you. You have the obligation to check your thinking and facts with other legitimate news sources that don’t spew continuous propaganda. The citizens of Ukraine are victims of what happens when propaganda becomes reality. Their blood is running in the streets and they continue to stand for freedom. Will we?

Gary Moore, Bandera County resident, is a Texas State University graduate, former English and football coach, journalist, script writer and photographer.