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August 03, 2022 - 00:00
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Today it finally boiled over. I have been taking the same size 32 gallon garbage can to the dump in Lakehills for the last 24 years. I have watched the price for one can ,rise to 3 dollars over this time. I had no objections.

Today I returned to the Lakehills facility with the same size can... the same one I was charged 3 dollars to dump on Saturday, and the Wednesday before and the Saturday before... you get the idea.

Today I was told because the 32 gallon can contained 2-13 gallon kitchen bags and a small HEB grocery bag (none full) from the bath, it would be SIX dollars... the can was 1/2 full. The attendant argued that there were 3 sacks and they are 2 dollars each.

I urge the county to consider stopping this petty ridiculousness. I will be using a private collector for now on... 12 dollars a week times 4 equals puts private haulers 30 percent cheaper and I don’t have to drive to the dump for the privilege of elevated blood pressure.

Not a happy old man .

Burt Spoerl