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August 03, 2022 - 00:00
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Editor’s note: The columns referenced in this letter ran in the July 20 and February 2, 2022, issues of the Bulletin on the Opinion Page.

I read with great humor and disgust a call from the recently elected (and unopposed) GOP leader Conrad Striegl for “all mudslinging and character assassination” to stop – this coming from the man who earlier this year in this same paper called county officials “traitors to their county.”

All this coming from a man who wasted taxpayer dollars to sue the person he was replacing in mere months. Who’s the mudslinger here, really? What right does he have to call for coming together? Obviously, he cannot lead by example.

Unsurprisingly (but not really), promises made in Mr. Striegl s July 20 column have yet to be fulfilled. The new website is pathetic and barren, containing no information about who is holding offices, when or where their meetings are being held, or what bylaws.

Who’s the real traitor here? I would argue not Mr. Striegl, but the county at large, who sat back and let someone like this represent them the county level.

Ronald Blacksmith

Bandera County