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Sterling week for Trump

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A conservative’s observations regarding just the last week:


On Jan. 29, President Trump officially signed the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, or USMCA. This trade deal represents one of Trump’s most significant accomplishments during his first term as he follows through on a major campaign promise to replace the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Iowa Democratic Caucus

The Democratic Party’s first big showing in the 2020 election was a disaster, allowing Trump—quite reasonably—to declare himself the winner.

The only thing accomplished was to remove any momentum the rightful winner, Bernie Sanders, might have had going into New Hampshire.

Of course, this could have been the plan all along.


Four months of Democrat rancor and media idiocy ended with President Trump’s acquittal of both articles of impeachment.

Impeachment was an unmitigated disaster for Democrats. The latest Gallup poll of registered voters shows Trump’s approval rating the highest since his inauguration — 49 percent. During that same period, Democratic Party approval fell from 48 percent to 45 percent.

Impeachment hurt Joe Biden far more than Trump.

As if they could read minds, Democrats alleged President Trump’s expressed Ukrainian concerns amounted to 2020 election interference rather than investigating corruption from 2016. But no one’s ever offered a non-corrupt explanation for the Biden family’s lucrative entanglement in Ukraine.

Biden’s fall from grace now comes into focus as he lost Iowa big time, and I suspect will get smacked in New Hampshire too.

Republican voters are galvanized in a way not seen since the Kavanaugh debacle.

Even some Trump critics couldn’t let this farce go unanswered, which I would argue shows the opposition wasn’t purely partisan but was principled pushback against a party clearly abusing its power.

State of the Union

Introduced in a curt, non-traditional manner by an angry Pelosi, Trump responded by refusing to shake her hand.

For 112 minutes, the world watched Pelosi make faces, mumble to herself and refuse to look at anyone as she incessantly shuffled papers.

Trump’s speech was optimistic and positive, not divisive.

It focused on the state of the union, not himself, highlighting Americans for whom people could stand and applaud, people like a black child with a chance to attend a quality school, a heroic Tuskegee airman who’s great-grandson wants to join the Space Force, a black ex-convict who’d kicked drugs and changed his life, a father returning home from war…

yet Democrats responded by remaining mostly seated.

Finally, Pelosi tore up her copy of the speech at the end. A viciously partisan act, it wasn’t clever or cute - it was childish and purposefully insulting.

I guarantee you’ll see this again in Republican campaign ads.

January Jobs Report

Our economy’s roaring. The Labor Department reported businesses added an incredible 225,000 jobs in January, far exceeding the expected 160,000 jobs.

Predictably, the Dow Jones Industrial Average responded with another surge towards 30,000.

At this rate, with the Democrat’s disorder and chaos, President Trump’s going to steamroll them with his well-oiled machine.

Democrats prepare yourselves. It’ll be the 2016 election all over again - only more so.