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A Republican letter to Santa

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Santa, I know you don’t usually receive Christmas letters from people on Social Security, but I know I’ve ticked you off this year, and I thought I’d explain.

This year alone, I’ve used bad words at least 53,280 times, mostly during two trips to San Antonio. The remainder I used on a couple of referees on TV.

But the rest of my bad behavior’s caused by this year’s crazy politics.

Let me explain, beginning with what makes me glad.

I’m grateful that, as was entirely predictable, the most bizarre part of the Trump impeachment farce is how every punch the Democrats throw connects with Joe Biden’s candidacy, solely damaging the Democrat’s most electable 2020 candidate.

I give thanks that the Democratic Party continues to careen wildly to the left, making its nominees less and less electable to the center of the country.

Because of this leftward tilt, I’m thankful that jobs like banking, consulting and big law, which liberals used to view as morally neutral, are increasingly seen by them as immoral.

This makes it so much harder for competent Democrats who’ve performed one of those jobs to hold public office.

I admit to raising a celebratory eggnog at the firing of our Ukraine ambassador, a career Democratic bureaucrat unable to bury her partisanship under even the thinnest veneer of professionalism.

Her alleged perjury before Congress will eventually become public knowledge.

Before I finish though, there’s a few things concerning me.

As impeachment efforts fail, Democratic leaders are increasingly unbalanced. Schiff and Rep. Swalwell can’t open their mouths without leaking or lying.

Senile Joe Biden’s eroding before our eyes as he babbles incoherently while insulting voters.

And Nancy Pelosi? I think maybe she’s Hillary-kind-of-ill.

She won’t answer questions about impeachment but suddenly brings up how she’s a good Catholic who doesn’t hate Trump - that she even “prays” for him.

Well Santa, you’d know better about that than me, but I’d sure like to know how Nancy squares her sudden Catholicism with supporting late-term abortion.

Plus, her continued impeachment efforts are ripping the country in half.

So Santa, I gotta ask: What’s the next thing on the naughty list after coal - radioactive medical waste?

If so, I think it’s only appropriate her Christmas stocking glows at night this December.

Santa, I could go on, but there’s just too many to list.

But please let these people, and all the other crazy Democrats out there, get help.

Finally, Santa, I love the season but feel sad we’re living in an age where the ends justify the means, where radical feminists automatically believe assault accusations without due process and where our civil liberties are continually diminished as Democrats plunder our Constitution.

But mostly, I grieve for the people of the hard left, particularly those with causes, who’ve lost any sense of fairness as they turn against the most fundamental concepts of our wonderful country.