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Republican direction lamented

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Republican direction lamented It is hard to believe that the current Republican politicians belong to the same party as President Abraham Lincoln. The choices and decisions Lincoln made were made to benefit the entire nation, not just the white Republicans.

The same was true of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, (a Democrat),who empathized with those who were less fortunate, and he helped create many of our country’s programs that help the elderly and the poor.

Whereas Donald Trump and the modern-day Republicans are creating a tribe of “me and mine” while no longer even recognizing a democratic society of “us and ours.”

For a while, Republicans were bragging about an agenda of family values.

Is stealing elections part of their family values agenda? Is zero tolerance for immigrants part of the GOP family values program?

Is Donald Trump’s hateful language and bigotry part of the Republican family values charade?

Where is the party of Lincoln?

Ron Lowe Harlingen