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Reality Check

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“If we believe absurdities, we shall commit atrocities.” - Voltaire

We’re living in an age where media, be it sponsored like Fox News, or social, such as twitter or face book, are the source of ever escalating absurdities. This should be the stuff of scorn and derision, but these absurdities are costing lives and threatening our democracy.

Several of these absurdities are discussed in this opinion column. It is written in the hope that some moderate Republicans and independents will examine their logic and loyalties. For Trump zealots (“Let’s go Brandon’’) this should go in the bottom of the canary cage right now.

1. Voting rights and procedures

In the last session of the Texas legislature, the controlling Republican forces passed the most draconian voting procedures in the nation. It’s more difficult to vote in Texas than in any other state in our nation.

Why? The reasoning is that voter fraud is a great danger. The proof? There is none. If you doubt this, check with local voting officials on the actual count of voter fraud in Bandera County.

Cracking down on voter fraud when there is none is absurd. It serves one purpose…. discouraging voters who do not support the Republican Party. Maybe this is brilliant political strategy; maybe it’s just dishonest tampering with the democratic process.


The latest census count is convincing proof our state is rapidly changing from a white oriented population to one much more diverse. Instead of coming up with a strategy to capture this new voting group, the Republican Party decided to just carve up the map. Voting districts are puzzling piece designs that defy reason.

The final insult to democratic ideals is to reject the vote if it doesn’t go your way. Throw out the vote counters if you lose and put in those who will count the way you want. That’s in the works as I write this. Proclaiming protection of democratic ideals while you actually undermine those ideals is absurd.

2. Insurrection

On January 6th of this year, a mob attacked our nation’s Capitol and tried to capture our government by violent means. This insurrection cannot be tolerated by a civilized society based on law.

A current investigation by a legal House of Representatives committee is trying to find out who planned the insurrection and whether government officials were involved. The committee has legal subpoena powers and is invoking those powers as is proper. Those who ignore the law should be punished. The absurdity of this situation is that many Americans choose to ignore what their eyes are seeing. There are countless videos captured on that day that shows a MOB storming the building and attacking police officers.

However, the counter story is the MOB is tourists sharing love with their neighbors and the police. Look at the video. If you can believe this absurdity, then you are helping undermine the law and the safety of our country. That is dangerously close to the prophecy of Voltaire. Believe absurdities and you shall commit atrocities. Forewarned is forearmed. Reality check.