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Christmas Lights, Bandera Style

November 17, 2021 - 05:00

Three years ago, the City’s EDC (Economic Development Corp) decided that it was too costly to continue to decorate the Courthouse or the City Park for Christmas.

Approximately 20 volunteers decorated the Courthouse in 2019. In 2020 a group of about 30 did the Courthouse again and a different group of volunteers did a small part of City Park.

This Christmas, 2021, with help from the Bandera EDC and a core group of about 20 volunteers a new group has been formed, the “Bandera Community Action Group”.

The goal of BCAG is to recruit other volunteers to help on the projects of Christmas lights, and other events that the Bandera Business Assoc., Chamber of Commerce, Bandera Pro Rodeo Assoc. and others put on throughout the year in town and in the county.

This year’s lights will be different than in the past. The Courthouse decorations basically will be the same. This year City Park is being divided into sections, to be decorated by different organizations, churches, businesses, and anyone else that wants to help celebrate Christmas in Bandera.

BCAG has had 6 meetings to get this off the ground. Decorating the Courthouse and City Park is scheduled for the weekend of November 20. Please join us. Bring in a stock trailer and decorate it, horse trailers, old pick-ups,???, etc.. It doesn’t matter as long as the theme is Christmas.

There should be lights and other decorations left over for participants to use, but BRING WHAT YOU WANT TO USE.

GIVE BACK A GIFT TO YOUR COMMUNITY by volunteering to decorate a section or just help whoever needs it.

For more information or to volunteer contact:

Bandera Community Action Group

Jane Pratt Chairman



Jack U. Moseley Commissioner Precinct #3


Jack Moseley

Bandera, Texas