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September 22, 2021 - 00:00
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I normally do not reply to articles that the Democrats write because I just consider the source, Stupid. But in this instance, I felt compelled to do so. But before I comment on the Democrats pro-abortion article in which they openly applaud murder and slaughter of innocent unborn children I want them to know who I am. My name is Conrad Striegl. I am a native Texan, former military and resident of Bandera County.

Having served in combat numerous times I am no stranger to pain and suffering. But the Democrats article in the Bandera Bulletin entitled Heaven or Hell for Children made me sick to my stomach, I wanted too vomit. As I read the article the author makes numerous excuses and assumptions why it is not a living person and why the Texas Heartbeat law is wrong and why a woman should be able to abort a pregnancy for any reason at any time during the pregnancy. All his opinion and based on suppo sition. Having seen life drain from a living, breathing persons eyes during the futility of war I have come to marvel at this unique gift called life. A gift that is so rare that it difficult to find in the universe. And we have been searching for life outside Earth for over 5 decades. I thought to myself why a person would think or believe such a thing. As a former war planner, the wheels in my head began to turn, probabilities, assumptions, facts and on and on. Finally, analysis and then conclusions. As a planner I was taught not to disregard any conclusion because sometimes the most improbable is actually the most probable or correct.

All the facts were staring me in the face. Of late the Democrats have started to refer to you Bandera County Citizen as Infrastructure. Not flesh and blood, not a thinking living human being with a soul but a source of body parts, a source of labor. If you do your research, you will see there is a massive demand for stem cells and other fetus unique organs. These organs are used to repair or prolong the life of these so-called leaders we have in DC, they refer to themselves as the ruling class. The question I asked myself was what kind of person would kill babies. This is such an egregious act that no sane person would do. The conclusion I came to was that they are not of the human race but are the devil incarnate. They walk among us; they search for weaknesses within us and in the end, they will come for you and your children.

So, baby slaughter is but one means to their end. The Devils end. I have always been proud of the citizens of Bandera County. I look to you to protect Gods most precious gift to us. Do not be swayed by the Devil. Get involved. In closing I throw my gauntlet at the Devils feet. I am at your service.

Conrad Striegl

Pipe Creek, Texas