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I haven’t written a letter to the editor in years, but the most recent democrat column affected me so deeply that I have to write.

The column started with a Bible verse and then went on to make the argument that women who abort their unwanted babies are simply “…Sending them to Jesus a little early!” The author then went further down this convoluted road saying babies who have disabilities or would be born into poverty would be better off “going to Jesus early” via abortion instead of having a chance at life. HUH??? This must be the sickest most

This must be the sickest most disgusting argument for abortion that I’ve ever heard! If the author is arguing for babies to be killed in utero because of disabilities or poverty, then why don’t we take it a step further and just kill all children with disabilities and those who live in poverty? Maybe we start euthanizing all the unfortunate lives in foster care or those living on the streets with the homeless?? Or maybe we can gow even further and deal with our suffering adult population the same way? Should we just deter mine based on genetic health and/ or economic situations who should live and who should die? After all, we can just “…Send [them all] to Jesus a little early!”

Today’s democrats (some, not all) seem to be embracing a very scary belief system. When government leaders and their followers begin deciding who should live and who should die, we are all in deep trouble. Just ask those who lived through Nazi Germany, Mussolini’s Italy, Pol Pot’s Cambodia, or Mao’s China. History has taught us what happens when tyrants and their followers come to power.

Lynn Haueter

Bandera, Texas