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The ongoing coup d’état in America

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We’re at the intersection of pandemic, racial riots and unrest, and global recession, all during a hyper-radicalized presidential election year. In my opinion, it’s now clear our current hyper-radicalization is due to bi-coastal elites - especially the media - hating this president so much they’ve committed to destroying him at any cost.

According to political scientists Jonathan Powell and Clayton Thyne, this fits what might be called an ongoing coup d’état, defined as “the forcible removal of an existing government from power through violent means.”

Typically, it’s an illegal, unconstitutional seizure of power for at least seven days by a political faction, the military, or a dictator. While a few Leftists might argue the media’s not part of the elite power structure, conservatives would vehemently disagree.

And the violent means? Just look at the burning riots in our cities. Other coronavirus coup characteristics include: Stand down police and continue to organize and support anarchists flourishing in police nogo zones controlled in blue-cities by blue-state politicians.

You bet; ignore a huge rise in crime this spring? Hey, no worries; foment panic over a virus that’s killed a total of 9,000 Americans under 55 in four months? Do what ya gotta do; keep schools closed this year while the rest of the world opens them up? Absolutely; ignore current scientific studies and a generation of scientific advice to justify draconian lockdowns? Yep; openly attack the handful of media outlets not following the required narrative? Check; pressure big tech/social media companies to impose their own Wuhan virus censorship? Done.

Maybe you’re as skeptical as I about the surge of COVID-19 cases - or more specifically, what it really means. Cases may be surging, but deaths are way down. Yet media megaphones like CNN and NYT continue retailing maximum hysteria to justify business lockdowns, maximizing destruction of the old service economy and more importantly, hurt President Trump.

Is the virus burning itself out? Does the surge in cases mean it’ll soon run out of victims? How many asymptomatic carriers are there? We’ll know in another month. But it’s certainly in the interest of the Woke resistance and their Woke media inquisitors to maintain COVID hysteria.

Unsurprisingly, our elite’s foot soldiers pretend to notions of greater good to justify the extreme harm they do - that they’re patriots somehow on par with revolutionary-era patriots. They’ll accept their own destruction in pursuit of regime change as long as everyone else goes down too.

One of the best analogies to what’s taking place is the 1996 Russian presidential election when Russian elites decided Boris Yeltsin must win. Ultimately, Yeltsin did, but the lies and propaganda used by those elites, destroyed any later chance for Russian democracy by ushering in Vladimir Putin.

Democrats: the coup failed, and one way or another, there will be consequences.