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No reason for Democrats to gloat

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Maybe the Democrats need to do a little lamenting of their own.

I certainly agree that Franklin Roosevelt empathized with those who were less fortunate. I just wonder if he did this at the same time that he was putting Japanese Americans in internment camps?

As far as stealing elections, how many Republicans have been arrested for doubled voting compared to Democrats?

Liberals continue to confuse “immigrants” with “illegal aliens.”

If our laws need fixing, then Congress needs to fix them so people fleeing oppression can enter easily.

My grandparents were “immigrants,” as were several of my family members who are now proud American citizens. Yes, we honor their culture and sure like their food!

Lest we forget, Lincoln’s “Emancipation Proclamation” only freed slaves in the South. He didn’t want to lose the Northern vote.

Don’t forget that great Indian lover - Democrat Andrew Jackson and his “Trail of Tears.”

Then we always have George Wallace, the champion of civil rights.

Then we have the DNC platform of disrespect the American flag, law enforcement and the National Anthem, along with infanticide, mercy killing, open borders that let in terrorist, tolerate only those that agree with you and use the race card at every opportunity.

Me, I lament about the lifetime moochers, not the poor or elderly or those unable to work.

The party of Lincoln is alive and well.

The party of John Kennedy died with him.

– John Schuetze Bandera