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Mansfield Park roof creates opportunities

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A little over five years ago, we formed an association to continue to have a PRCA rodeo over Memorial Day Weekend at Mansfield Park.

During those years, I aggressively requested help in repairing and maintaining the arena. Our requests did not go unnoticed, and the attendance at the rodeos has improved.

After the rodeos last Memorial Day, a report was made which showed that those in attendance at Mansfield Park loved the rodeos and their trips to Bandera for the rodeos benefitted the community more than was previously recognized.

As reported at Commissioners’ Court, using Mansfield Park more to draw income to Bandera

County presents an exciting and challenging future - exciting because of the benefits it can bring

to Bandera County, challenging because the beneficial impact will be heightened if we are able

to build a roof over the arena.

This improvement would obviously deter the detrimental effect the weather can have on events in the arena.

When I became involved in the rodeos, I did it because I believed that we needed to promote our Cowboy Capital of the World image. Our image needs to be maintained to keep us alive and well.

There are efforts “afoot” to increase the variety of rodeos and other events at Mansfield Park by constructing a roof over the arena. We all realize that these efforts can take years and can be unsuccessful if delayed after momentum is building.

Delay is not an attractive option. Please think about our opportunity as we move forward.

Janna Lindig


Takeaways from Democratic debates

With interest, I have watched the last two Democratic debates for president To me, all the candidates appear to be making their case for how they have the best interest of America at heart.

I wonder when the flag of the country you desire to lead is not proudly displayed, then can I really believe what you say is true?

Before you vote, answer some questions:

• Do I want free stuff or freedom?

• What incentive will there be to better yourself when Big Brother is going to give it to you?

• How many small businesses will be forced to close when the minimum wage is doubled?

• How long do you think the wealthy will remain in this county if you take their money and distribute it to the poor?

• Do you know how to tell when a politician is lying? His lips are moving!

Charles Quinn