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Unconvinced about ‘global warming’

A response to W. Laurence Doxsey (in a Jan. 22 column in the Bandera Bulletin) regarding “Environmental threats demand bold action.”

Mr. Doxsey, you describe in many words the problems we as human beings are creating and at the end, your solution is to have our politicians solve the environmental threat.

When is the first time a politician has solved a problem? I suggest there is no politician that can do anything to solve the environmental threat you seem to indicate is an existential threat.

Back in the 1970s, scientists reportedly were of the opinion we were in a global cooling period and needed to take measures to correct it. Well, instead of getting cooler, it started to get warmer.

Now, we have gone through a period of “global warming.” We have had numerous predictions since then warning us that if we did not do something, the “seas would rise” because of the melting of the Artic. Along with the melting, the polar bears would become extinct.

Well, the report now is there are more polar bears in some areas, and the Artic is still there.

Personally, it is my opinion anything the politicians want to scare us with about climate change, global warming or any other adjective is nothing but a “hoax.”

I say that because one thing you seem to forget is Mother Nature. This beautiful earth has been subjected to all kinds of different climates, earthquakes and volcanic explosions for billions of years.

How do you propose the politicians controlling these unseen events in the future?

For myself, I am content to live in this world and enjoy all the many things that have been developed to make my life enjoyable. I am not interested in some politician telling me I have to do without the advances we have made over the years to make life more comfortable.

Do you want to go back to the life our ancestors had to live under in years past?

Mr. Doxsey, if you are certain we need to do something, then I suggest you give up the car you are driving and turn off your electricity.

Before you get rid of your telephone/cell phone, be sure and call your favorite politicians to do the same.

Marcus Kaspar