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Liberals not interested in the facts

That rotten smell isn’t in Denmark, for sure. It’s wherever the continued liberal push to change facts and rules pops up.

Use to be that a whistleblower had to have firsthand knowledge of a deed; but now, at the last minute, the rules were changed to include second and even third-hand, overheard information, plus gossip.

As far as claims that the president called the president of Ukraine several times, even the National Fake News acknowledges that one phone call was made. The reason for the loan hold, it was made pretty clear, was that the EU, especially Germany, was being pushed to pay a fair share.

If dirt is out there, you don’t have pressure anyone to find it.

Also, asking a favor doesn’t sound like pressure to me, but then the Fake News claims to know what Trump was thinking/ implying.

On the other hand, you have to put forth some effort and actually read the five-page transcript to know what was said.

Or, as a liberal, you can just listen to Shiff’s lies and his make-believe transcript.

Of course, Biden’s pressure was justified blackmail and was just a honest effort to fight corruption in a foreign country that his son just happened to have an unbiased, million-dollar stake in.

Oh, don’t forget the real reason why China isn’t a threat to the U.S., as Biden popped off in a campaign speech. That reason was worth over a billion to the Bidens and Kerrys.

God bless America.

– John Schuetze, Bandera