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June Tunes: Redux

July 06, 2022 - 00:00
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I've asked the editor to rerun a column I wrote some weeks ago about the (then) upcoming House Committee Hearings concerning the January 6th insurrection.

Those of you who have watched the Hearings know a lot of truth you didn't before the Hearings.

I would remind the reader the testimony was given under oath. It was given by members of the Republican Party.

The accusations and attacks now being launched on a television network are opinions. Those opinions are not under oath.

I think that’s worth weighing when you access the truth.

In June of this year, next month, the game playing of insurrectionists, who tried and failed to take over our government by violent means will face the music in front of the American people. The facts will be laid out by a Committee of the United States House of Representatives and the people of this country will be able to judge for themselves what happened leading up to, on, and following the violent storming of our Capitol on January 6th. After that, it will be up to the Department of Justice to decide the fate of those who are accused of putting party loyalty and devotion to a leader (Donald Trump), above the law. For many, based on information that is tumbling out every day, it will be a bitter pill to swallow. The legal case will be presented in a formal presentation on television, for everyone to judge for themselves. The Department of Justice will then decide charges, if any, to prosecute against the parties involved.

Many Democrats, and some Republicans, have been dissatisfied with the slow pace at which the DOJ has reacted to the information coming from committee interviews, video and cell phones evidence and subpoenaed documents. To some, it is outrageous that only lower level actors have been tried and convicted. However, those who are familiar with prosecutions by the DOJ realize the Attorney General and his staff is following legal guidelines, building the case from the bottom up. In the current political climate the case must be air tight and conclusive. Fairness and justice must be obvious to all.

Those of us who are old enough to remember Watergate remember that Richard Nixon, like Donald Trump, seemed untouchable …until the facts started building. Day by day, the witnesses and evidence drew a picture that could not be denied. The country changed from doubt to belief. Day by day, the conclusions about Nixon’s conduct became unimpeachable, until it was clear that the President, the law and order president had himself broken that law and order.

This is no impassioned plea for justice against the Trump hierarchy, the Proud Boys, the mouthpiece sycophants of Fox news and the other right wing propaganda communication networks. This writer doesn’t have to make those charges. They will be made by a presentation of the legal and elected representatives of this great country. The hearings will be televised for all to see, just like Watergate, with sworn testimony under oath. Then we will know.

I obviously believe we already know; but you, the reader of this column will be able to decide for yourself. It is your right to watch and listen and make your own judgment. If I’m wrong, I promise you that you will see my apology in this space. No excuse. It says in the Bible the truth shall make you free. I believe that. I hope you do too.

Gary Moore, Bandera County resident, is a Texas State University graduate, former English teacher and football coach, journalist, script writer and photographer.