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Our country was formed on the premise of a democracy where all citizens would be able to determine the laws by electing the people that would represent their views on relevant issues. I have considered myself an independent voter and tried to determine the best candidate that was honest and would reflect my view point on issues that would promote programs that would benefit all citizens. I have voted for both Republican and Democratic candidates based on my evaluation that they would be the best representative.

At this time, I think that everyone needs to reevaluate the representatives that they voted for with the belief they were the best candidate. Texans have gone through a number of tragedies in the last few years. We have had to navigate a pandemic where our elected politicians restricted the use of masks and vaccinations in the belief that it was everyone’s right to decide how their rights outweighed the rights of others.

The governor has in my estimate caused over 20,000 Texans to die because of his restrictions to good health policies. The tragedies from mass murders by people with access to assault weapons is something that our elected representatives should be working to prevent. The governor has made it possible for anyone to carry a gun without any training, license, or requirement to secure the weapon. Guns are not a problem but the people with mental problems are the cause of mass shootings. If the evaluation of mentally stable people was as accurate as taking a blood test then the mentally unstable would be arrested and stopped from committing violent crimes. Since that test is not available at this time the removal of guns from easy access would stop killings.

People that drive a car are required to get a license that requires training and to follow the rules set by the Department of Public Safety. How is a gun different?

There are candidates that make political advertisements showing how they have guns and promote violence. That should be a signal to not let them be your representative for anything. There are people that still believe that the 2020 election was not legitimate.

The one thing that I know is how dedicated and honest the people are that handle our elections. There is no way voter fraud could be so rampant that fraud could change an election. Our attorney general sued several states for voter fraud without any evidence of fraud and had no right to sue another state’s election results. Our senator caused the election certification process to be delayed with the fraud assumptions that led to the January 6th assault on our capitol and threatened citizens lives.

The hateful rhetoric that is used by our representatives toward each other is another reason to find a different person for the job. Such language leads to people believing that violence is the only solution. We need to vote for better candidates to be our representatives and that requires you to be better informed about the person you choose to represent your wants. Gary Fest

Pipe Creek