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Good Samaritan or Guardian Angel?

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Amanda Brosz, emergency room registered nurse and devoted mother, took to social media the Monday before Christmas to find and thank a mysterious “guardian angel.”

On December 21, Brosz’s teenage daughter was driving around town in her white sports utility vehicle with her best friend. The teen driver lost control and went off the road.

The SUV rolled over, and all four doors were impacted shut. The two girls were incredibly distressed, struggling to get out of the damaged vehicle.

When tensions were at their highest, the girls explained to Brosz that “a man just appeared. [He] asked if we were okay and found an exit for us.”

Since all four of the passenger doors were impacted, the only way out was through the rear door. The kind Sa maritan must have opened the door from the outside to let the girls out.

Once the girls were both safely free from the vehicle wreckage, they turned around to thank the kind stranger, but he has already left the scene.

There was no evidence of where he went nor could they determine where he came from. It was almost as if he appeared out of thin air to help them escape, only to disappear as soon as they were safe.

Shortly after, Bandera first responder Colt Hicks and his team of EMTs arrived at the scene to further assist the teen girls. Amanda Brosz shared on social media that the EMT team was incredibly “professional, thorough and consoling.”

The girls had experienced a traumatic event and the EMT team went above and beyond to assess the situation and bring physical and emotional comfort to the girls. The two teens only experienced abrasions and soreness as a result of the accident.

As any mother would be, Amanda Brosz is incredibly grateful that the girls received assistance when they needed it most. She was able to graciously thank the first responders, however she is still searching to find this inexplicable “guardian angel.”

According to a study done by Baylor University’s Institute for Studies of Religion, more than half of all adults, including one in five of those who say they are not religious, believe they have been protected by a guardian angel during their lifetime.

In this scenario, there is no way the girls could have exited the vehicle without the assistance of an outside party.