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Environmental controls needed

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Any of us who are parents or grandparents know how much kids love looking at animal books - tigers, elephants, dolphins, whales, wolves, these creatures which share our planet.

But horrible news, folks: the World Wildlife Fund’s 2018 report shows a 60% decline in the populations of birds, mammals, fish, reptiles and amphibians in the last 40 years.

This is due to human’s steady destruction of habitat and the effects of global warming.

What are we thinking? These creatures do not have a voice, and therefore it is up to us to speak up for them!

Back those candidates who speak to environmental concerns, and contact your elected representatives.

For example, our state contributes mightily to global warming. Environment Texas reports that in 2018, we released 135 million pounds of illegal air pollution, double that of 2017.

And read about methane “super-emitters” in the oilfields, which are a major contributor to atmospheric damage, though guess what…current state and federal Republican administrations are working to weaken restrictions.

Again, folks, take a stand here, both for our children and our fellow creatures.

Gary Whiting San Antonio