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Displays of Confederate flag defended

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Some people object today when the Confederate battle flag is displayed in various parts of the country, as they claim it was flown over slavery.

During the occupation of the Confederate States by the U.S. Army from 1865 until 1877, the display of any Confederate flag and the singing or playing of ''Dixie'' was strictly forbidden.

It occurs to me that slavery was a legal institution from 1641 when it was recognized in a legal document in the colony of Massachusetts until the 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution was ratified on the 6th of December 1865.

So, the Stars and Stripes flew over slavery for about 224 years. I do not recall any complaints about that. It also occurs to me that

It also occurs to me that there are some people that are merely looking for something to complain about because now that we are burdened with political correctness by the leftist-liberal press, these complaints are regarded seriously by some people and regarded with disdain and contempt by others.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans pay honor to their ancestors and their part in our history.

I will be disappointed if I do not see them in a Bandera parade again.

Respectfully, from a proud Confederate son.

F. M. ''Doc'' COX Bandera