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Column mischaracterizes progressive movement

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In response to the Democratic Column in the July 31st edition, I have the following observations:

The writer makes an argument favorable to the progressive agenda by declaring its popularity but noting that its caucus is less than a quarter of the House of Representatives, its size at 98 members.

As with many progressive arguments, we are only given the part of the truth that sounds good.

These are people who soften the radical nature of their arguments in the form of euphemism or by re-defining words. Thus, taxes are investments, infanticide is a woman’s choice, homosexuality is gay and lately, we have leftist activists calling themselves “anti-fascist” while using violent, storm trooper tactics of the historically fascist regimes.

The four freshmen congresswomen are referred to as “women of color.” We are all people of some color.

The writer has made the unjustified conclusion that the president’s motive in calling attention to the four is to “…rally and gin up hatred…among his White nationalist base.”

Ironically, he then states that “Progressives seek not to demonize, destroy or bend government functions for the benefit of the 1 percent.”

Those statements demonize the president and successful people, who pay most of the taxes and do not always support the president.

Progressives pander to special interest groups, convincing them they are victims and owed special favors.

Equal treatment for all under the law was a founding principle of government in this country. That is why the traditional symbol is a blindfolded lady.

The writer extols the virtues of benign government initiatives and labels them “progressive,” as well as putting the label on Presidents Theodore Roosevelt, William Taft, and Woodrow Wilson, all of whom would never be acceptable to today’s Democratic party.

Progressives steadfastly refuse to define what a “fair share” of the nation’s tax burden would be. Apparently, it’s just “more.”

“Approximately 76.4 million or 44.4% of Americans won’t pay any federal income tax in 2018,” according to the Tax Policy Center. “The top 0.1% of families pay the equivalent of 39.2% and the bottom 20% have negative tax rates. That is, they get more money back from the government in the form of refundable tax credits than they pay in taxes.” Where is the “fairness” in a free ride for some?

The inevitable conclusion is that “progressives” primarily progress toward their insatiable goal of absolute power over citizens by extorting ever more assets from the productive members, ostensibly to redistribute it to the poor, requiring only their support and making them immune to taxation.

Ironically, they then accuse those who shoulder most of the cost of government of their own personal sins of immorality, greed and corruption.

– John Brooks Parker, Bandera