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Changing political landscape triggers protest

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This week’s column was going to be about President Trump’s impeachment, but something equally important also happened.

Despite smears and scare tactics from law enforcement and mainstream media, over 25,000 protesters gathered in Virginia’s capital in response to an anti-gun agenda pushed by the new solid-blue state government.

While large protests aren’t unique, this captured the media’s imagination because it consisted of their favorite villain: a largely white group of armed men who support Trump.

“Charlottesville 2.0,” some predicted.

But this protest was only superficially about guns.

Drilling deeper, you’ll see it also represented a valid fear surfacing in the state’s increasingly powerless rural population, overwhelmed by the rapidly expanding political power of nearby high-population, urban centers.

What we see in Virginia is the question of what happens to politically vanquished people. To the political left and anti-Trumpers on the right, if your side doesn’t have the ballots, it’s time to submit or pay the price.

Two things contribute to Virginia’s new progressive domination.

One is a huge influx of non-native-born Virginians brought in by the newly massive North Virginia economy.

While much of Virginia’s growth is due to the increasing size of the federal government, similar trends are found in other red states such as Texas, Florida, and Tennessee, where companies are relocating for better tax environments.

Two, these high-growth urban areas make Virginia one of the most educated states in the country.

But where an educated population was once considered a strength, the devolution of higher education means such rankings are now increasingly correlated with Americans favorable to the political left.

But just because you have a sheepskin and live in a large city doesn’t mean you’re smart.

Project Veritas just released a video recently showing a man-bun wearing, purported Bernie campaign worker caught on tape saying, “Guillotine the rich.”

“I always said, you know, I’m a communist,” the man in the recording said. “I’m ready to start tearing bricks up and start fighting… I’ll straight up - I’ll straight up get armed. I want to learn how to shoot and go train… I’m ready for the revolution, bro… What will help is when we send all the Republicans to the re-education camps… Have you heard about the Belomorkanal? It was a beautiful thing.”

He learned about Belomorkanal, a forced labor project that built a channel from the White Sea to the Baltic Sea, in college, but what his teachers apparently failed to tell him was that official records also show up to 25,000 people died during construction.

He’s educated, but he’s aggressively ignorant too.

Virginia is only the beginning as otherwise-red states continue to see their cities grow.

So, what’s the solution? A government which reflects the ideology of its residents and is thus willing to change or be altered as necessary? Do we allow Northern and Southern Virginia to each serve their differing interests?

Or do we continue with our current democratic imperialism, running the risk of escalating to where the protesters of today show why it is so important to stand up for their right to bear arms?