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Trump policies aid middle class

In his Jan. 8 column, Democrat Peter Lovett writes that President Donald Trump’s policies have made the lives of 99% of us more difficult, and that Democratic proposals boost the middle class.

I maintain that Lovett is ignoring gains made by the middle class since Donald Trump’s election, and the tax burden that would fall on all Americans if any of the Democrats’ policy proposals were enacted.

Unemployment is currently at 3.6%, the lowest rate since 1968. Black unemployment is 6.6%, the lowest in our nation’s history. Since the 2016 election, the economy has added 6.7 mil lion jobs and inflation- adjusted wages for production and non-supervisory workers have increased 2.4%.

Eighty-two percent of middle class earners (households making $49,000 to $86,000) received an average $1,050 tax cut.

The Commerce Department recently announced that the U.S. trade deficit fell to the lowest level in three years. The United States is now the world’s largest oil and natural gas producer, making us virtually energy independent.

Meanwhile, Democratic presidential candidates propose an ever-lengthening list of giveaways: Medicare for all, free childcare, free college tuition, college debt forgiveness, free medical care for illegal immigrants.

Joe Biden reportedly is proposing $3.2 trillion dollars in new taxes per year. Elizabeth Warren’s Medicare for all would cost $34 trillion dollars over ten years.

Does anyone really believe that the middle class won’t be affected by these hikes? I would encourage middle class voters to vote their best interest and reelect President Donald J. Trump this coming November.

John Fassl Hondo