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In response to Susan Hull’s letter printed 3/31/2021,

She is correct that few Republicans in Texas own assault rifles. Or few in the USA for that matter. It’s been illegal to manufacture new automatic weapons for civilian use since May 19,1986. Now, it is not illegal to own one. That is if you have $15 to over $70 thousand to buy one from an already licensed owner willing to sell, plus paying another $200 for a Federal Transfer Stamp (that has to stay with the firearm at all times) plus a background check and investigation by a National Agency with 10-point finger printing. Then wait 8 months. By the way, this only happens when your State does prohibit ownership. Under very limited circumstances can you legality own an automatic weapon in the USA. You just can’t walk into Walmart or Bass Pro Shop and buy a fully automatic weapon, AK-47 or assault rifle-whatever you want to call them. They are a short compact selective fire weapon that fires a cartridge of intermediate power between submachine gun and rifle. They are capable of delivering effective full-automatic fire. What you can buy that is designed to look like an AK-47 is a semiautomatic. Deady, Yes, but not an assault rifle, an AK-47 or an automatic. Law-abiding Texans already don’t have assault weapons under Law. I repeat, that ban has been in place since 1986. What is needed is for the agencies involved is to their jobs on the background check laws already in place.

John Schuetze