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President’s ignorance based on fear


The president of the United States is ignorant about many things.

Nowadays, fifth graders understand concepts like “wildlife ecosystems,” but alas, Trump has no clue.

He has begun to build a wall along our Southern border. This kind of meddling will screw up delicate systems in desert, plains and mountainous country along the Southern border.

At one point, the president started to talk about building a wall in Colorado, but then a flunky told him that actually, Colorado does not border on Mexico. So, to avoid embarrassment, the president said, “Ha-ha, Colorado, that was just a joke.”

The breadth and depth of the president’s ignorance is substantial. I think his ignorance mostly comes from fear.

You build walls around yourself when you are frightened. But in my book, isolation of this sort makes you both blind and stupid.

In the old days, the Romans built Hadrian’s Wall because they were afraid of those northern Scottish people. And once, long ago, the Chinese built a wall because nomads on horses frightened them.

Well, you can spend a billion dollars building a Southern border wall.

Or, you could use the money for college scholarships. Which action, do you think, will be more useful in the long run?

– Mike Olive,