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Poor immigrants wrongly targeted

I do not mean to harp on this, but our president continues to yell about immigration and so, I am forced to say a few words.

He wants this new law where legal immigrants cannot be poor. If you are a rich guy, that’s different. You can be a scoundrel, a bounder, a thief, whatever.

As long as you bring in all that lovely money with you, hey, no problem. Welcome to America.

As you probably recall, those Statue of Liberty words welcome immigrants to America even if you are poor. We have made that promise for a good number of years. Those words are part of America.

I believe that the Statue of Liberty words contain an implicit contract: If you are honest and decent, if you work hard and deal fairly with everybody, that’s good enough.

Welcome to America.

Mr. Trump and his cohorts are not your usual Americans. The Trump administration believes in money and power, that’s all. No compassion for the poor or the down-trodden.

By the way, I also believe that Trump is an idiot about business. Have you noticed how high the national debt has become under Donald’s regime?

Years back, the old Republicans were serious about avoiding too much debt. That’s one of the things I always liked about Republicans.

Another quality I liked was, back in the day, a lot of them never told lies. Well, that sure as heck isn’t the case anymore.

“O tempora! O mores!”

– Mike Olive, Bandera County