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Moderate voices deserve more attention

I am new to Bandera, and I am enjoying getting to know my new home town.

I noticed a trend in your newspaper to publish extreme political opinions on both ends of the spectrum.

I’d like to suggest that you consider giving a voice to the many folks who hang out in the wide space in the middle of that spectrum, who aren’t comfortable with all the hate and sarcasm, not to mention the exaggeration, that flies around between those two extremes.

We can be civilized and kind and perhaps work together to find realistic compromises on some of the serious issues our country faces today.

It’s really possible!

We each must hold ourselves to a standard of decency and think of all people as more alike than different; then the solutions will start to emerge as we move beyond “winners” and “losers.”

It will end up better for everyone.

– Susan Hull, Bandera