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Expanded recycling opportunities needed

The only thing I miss about living in San Antonio is the ease of recycling.

I know that a town the size of Bandera can’t provide that level of service, but I think we can do better.

When recycling resumes here, hopefully soon, I’d like to encourage residents to separate their used #1 and #2 plastics, corrugated cardboard and aluminum cans to bring to the recycling center next to Mansfield Park.

I’m hoping we can establish a hazardous household waste program as well. Putting these items in the trash just adds to the pollution of our land and by extension, our precious groundwater.

Once your new habit is in place, you’ll feel great about doing your part to support the land and all of us who depend on it.

Susan Hull


Left’s criticism misleads public

I agree with the writer that free speech isn’t absolute and that speech that incites violence isn’t protected.

However, the SCOTUS (U.S. Supreme Court) has ruled that even hate speech is protected. In 2017 in The Slants case (involving an Asian-American band’s name), it even ruled against the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for the music group’s offensive name.

The N.Y. Times isn’t the newspaper of our great-grandfathers. Its left winged op-ed bias is well know, and it is not as respected due to its poor fact checking.

As far as the “cascade of warnings,” I believe this refers to the “Crimson Contagion Report,” which covers two administrations, all branches and levels of government and Congress - all of which can share blame for slow action, if any is deserved.

Mr. Trump did not call the virus a hoax. What he said in a rally in SC on 2/24 was the Dems criticism of his response to the virus was their new hoax. Not that the virus was a hoax.

Dan Milbank and Politico were the first to twist it around.

Then, that “it would disappear fast like a miracle.” The sentence actually began with, “One day,” and yes, he didn’t want people to get off the cruise ship the Diamond Princess because at the time of the 57 confirmed U.S. cases, 40 were on the cruise ship. Letting people off the ship would spread the disease!

On Dec. 19 when the alarm was sounded in China, the threat was indeed ignored - ignored by the Chinese government and WHO (World Health Organization) doctors were locked up for spreading false info.

WHO and world opinion based on info from China was that there was no threat.

Then comes the New Year and a series of incidents including: 1/14, WHO - No evidence of transmission to human to human; 1/23, WHO - No evidence of virus outside of China; 1/27, China says they have it contained; 1/28, CDC says risk to U.S. is low; 1/31, Trump bans travel from China and gets attacked by news media as racist and xenophobic; 2/5, Chuck Schumer tweets that travel ban is “premature.”

Now the shoe is on the other foot, and the left is hollering that he acted slowly. Such hypocrites.

John Schuetze