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Understanding more through God’s promise

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I remember when I first had to go to the eye doctor as a kid. It was terrible.

The office was small, and there was a child screaming as soon as I walked in, which didn’t make my anxiety any better.

After waiting 30 minutes and having a machine blow air in my eyes, the doctor told me I needed glasses.

These were the days when glasses were not cool to wear either. After picking out the ugliest pair of glasses, I asked the doctor how much better would I see with glasses, and he said, “Kody, you will see more than before.”

I wanted a more detailed answer. I felt like he was avoiding the question.

But I got something better. I got a promise from someone I could trust and a reminder about my life.

It’s the same promise God gives us every single day. We all want God to tell us all the details about our lives.

We all want to know what the winning lottery numbers are or what job to take or even who to marry, but we usually get a promise that we will see more of him if we look in the right spots.

I trust the doctor because he knows what he is doing.

I trust Jesus because he invented eyes, and because I trust both of them, I am okay with the promise that I will see more.

Having trouble seeing without my glasses has helped me understand Jesus a little more.

Lately, I have been asking him to help me see and know more about the things I don’t understand or see in my life.

I am getting comfortable with the promise from God that I am going to see more.

All I have to do is keep my eyes fixed on Jesus because, as we are reminded by Hebrews 12:2, he sees who we are becoming and wants us to become more like him.

Kody Kirk is the youth pastor at the First Baptist Church Bandera.