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Rabies vaccination clinic returns Tuesday

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A second rabies vaccination clinic will be held in Bandera on Tuesday, Aug.

27, to try to get as many cats and dogs inoculated against the deadly disease as possible following a serious rabies outbreak earlier in the year.

Next week’s clinic will be at the Hill Country Veterinary Hospital and Equine Center at 1413 Highway 173 South in Bandera, officials said. It will run without a break for lunch from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Vaccine prices will be $10 for rabies for both cats and dogs, $15 for kennel cough for dogs and $20 for distemper for cats and dogs and for feline leukemia, the same prices as was charged in the first rabies clinic on July 13.

Vaccinations will be administered for cash only, officials said. Walk-ins will be welcome to take part in the special clinic.

Dr. Conrad Nightingale, a veterinarian at Hill Country Veterinary Hospital and the rabies control officer for Bandera County, organized both clinics after a sixth case of rabies was confirmed in the county on July 3. It involved a racoon that had been killed in the 200 block of Doe Creek Road on June 30, the fifth racoon to be confirmed with the disease in Bandera County this year.

The outbreak started when a racoon killed in the area of the Flying L Ranch Resort on April 23 was confirmed to have rabies.

No more positive rabies cases have been reported since the July 3 case, but the outbreak was considered to be higher than past rabies outbreaks and had become a regional problem, officials said.

The first clinic drew 259 animals for vaccinations, which demonstrated strong interest in the shots. Nightingale said in July that a second clinic was probable as officials sought to control the spread of the disease.