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New boutique opens on Main

August 11, 2021 - 05:00
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  • Rockin’ Sass Boutique owner Julie Clark displays some of her accessories at the store on Main Street in Bandera. BULLETIN PHOTO/Tracy Thayer
    Rockin’ Sass Boutique owner Julie Clark displays some of her accessories at the store on Main Street in Bandera. BULLETIN PHOTO/Tracy Thayer

The Rockin’ Sass Boutique opened quietly in July to little fanfare, but owner Julie Clark has big plans to become a mainstay for clothing, shoes and accessories in Bandera.

While Clark has been operating online for several years, she was waiting for the right storefront to open in Bandera for her shop.

Even though Clark lives in Hondo, she passes through Bandera frequently and has come to enjoy its nightlife and music.

“It’s a fun town and you can do a lot of different things here,” said Clark.

Clark’s focus is on creating a place where customers can come in to find coffee, conversation and reasonably priced clothing that appeals to the average Bandera resident.

She plans to offer low, moderate, and high-end lines of clothing in her store.

Children’s and men’s apparel will be added later in the year. Her goal is to offer a place where a single mom can come in to find an outfit.

Clark named her store Rockin’ Sass Boutique because she believes that every woman, no matter her size, should feel good about herself, inside and out.

Her aim is to provide a good product at a good price. Clark is setting her goals to appeal to women ages 15 to 80.

“I want to have something for everyone,” she stated.

She believes that while Western clothes are great, a woman should have the opportunity to change her style every day.

Special entertainment and girls’ nights out are on the agenda for the boutique.

Clark wants to provide a place where women can get together and socialize as well as build community.

The boutique is set to have a complimentary coffee bar for patrons to enjoy.

Clark also wants to invite food trucks and local musicians to her special evening events. She wants to sponsor a fashion show for patrons in the late summer or fall.

Clark emphasizes fashion changes quickly and that part of the boutique’s appeal will be fashions designed to capture the current trends.

Community spirit comes naturally to Clark. She wants to translate her love for Bandera into helping the city grow and becoming a part of the community.

She is willing to try different things designed to invite people in to come and enjoy her store and is committed to helping people and showing her support of Bandera.

Clark grew up in Houston with her mother, who was a fashion designer and made everything they wore. She developed her love of fashion from her mother, and it has been a lifelong fascination.

Clark invites everyone to stop by and browse the new merchandise as it comes in.

The store is located at 414b Main Street in Bandera.

The Rockin Sass Boutique may also be found online at www.rockinsassboutique. shop.