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LoneHollow Ranch formally files zero-discharge application

August 25, 2021 - 05:00
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Young Life’s LoneHollow Ranch in Vanderpool announced last Friday it formally filed for a Texas Land Application Permit (TLAP) and withdrawn its previous request for a discharge permit, allowing treated wastewater to be used to be used for irrigation at the camp instead of being discharged into the Sabinal River.

“The filings make good on our previously announced zero-discharge plan,” said Stacey Noll, LoneHollow Ranch’s camp manager. “We are looking forward to completing the process after taking this important step today.”

The Bandera Canyonlands Alliance (BCA) expressed gratitude to Young Life, BCA members and supporters of their Save Our Sabinal campaign.

“It’s important to say thank you for the meaningful efforts undertaken by our membership, volunteers and supporters throughout the region,” said BCA President Merry Langlinais. “Protecting our pristine water in the Upper Sabinal River and conserving our precious groundwater is important to everyone. As a result of Young Life’s new plan, for now the Upper Nueces River Basin will remain free of any permits that allow discharge of treated wastewater effluent into our pure rivers,” Langlinais said.

The new permit applied for by Young Life will now go through the formal TCEQ review process.

“Young life cares deeply about the environment, and our intent at LoneHollow Ranch and our camps across the country is to be good stewards of the environment, especially when it comes to water conservation and wastewater management,” said Noll.

Meanwhile, Save Our Sabinal signs protesting LoneHollow’s initial discharge permit are to be taken down for repurposing or recycling.

According to a BCA press release, a drop-off location at Zoi Market, located at 331 Main Street in Utopia.

BCA volunteers will pick up or remove signs upon request through September 18. Requests for this canbe done by emailing