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Growing Up in Bandera

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All things considered it must be the fault of the Medina River. It's the reason the town of Bandera was created, right? It's the reason my great-great grandfather settled here in this area. It's one of the reasons I never wanted to leave home. Blame it all on that river.

I love the river when it is on a rise after a big rainfall. Flood waters can be a huge blessing at times. I think Bandera's close proximity to the eastern edge of the Chihuahuan Desert may be the cause of our sometimes extended droughts. Occasional over abundances of rain are appreciated and a welcome relief of dry spells unless they become destructive.

Over the years I have witnessed both the good and the bad associated with these events. We have to accept the good times along with some tragedies that come with living near the Medina River. But don't blame the river entirely even though it charmed us and drew us near. It's not the river's fault that we fell prey to it's beauty. Call it a human weakness.

The rites of passage involving the river began on day one for kids living in Bandera. As infants we were taken there to splash in the shallow waters. Next would come our learning to swim experiences at Dripping Springs. Those big rocks were a launching pad as we prepared to move further downstream to "The Swing" to learn dives and flips to impress the girls and challenge each other.

There were always places where a guy could find some privacy to park with his girl along the river. Seems everyone had their own spot and it was respected by others. As the number of cars dragging Main Street over and over would slowly start to dwindle, the taillights moving along the river told the rest of the story. Good luck trying to find a parking place anywhere along the river these days. Nighttime access is not possible.

The times they are a changin' along the Medina River as I continue Growing Up In Bandera. Who's to blame? Is it the river's fault? Is there an effort to preserve it's beauty or history to blame? Is the river being held hostage for monetary reasons? I fear the battles to hold onto the old while trying to accommodate the new will rage on into the future.