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Bulldogs lose three straight games trt Wimberly

September 20, 2023 - 00:00
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The Lady Bulldogs came off a hard opening district loss to the Boerne Greyhounds last week to face the equally tough Wimberly Lady Texans, who are ranked 37th in 3A Division IV.

The Lady Bulldogs showed moments of slick teamwork and aggressive play but, on a whole, could not gather enough momentum to bypass Wimberly’s scoring.

The Bulldogs lost three straight games to Wimberly.

In the first game of the match, the Lady Bulldogs were aggressive at the net with Jayla Blake and Sydney Moore going to the net to block Wimberly’s spikes. The teams started neck and neck until the Lady Texans started to pull away.

Kinlee Lawlis showed her best play by returning the ball from all over the back court and moving to the net when needed.

Ashley Mott made a great save and passed the ball to Jayla Blake for a hard spike deep into Lady Texan territory. Taytum Moeller made some outstanding saves by digging in to cover the back court.

Wimberly pulled away with 13 for Bandera and 21 for the Lady Texans. The Lady Bulldogs put on some good rallies and showed outstanding teamwork. The team stayed in motion as they rotated around the court returning Wimberly’s play.

Toward the end of the first game, Jayla Blake came up with a killer spike on the return of a serve by Mary Freeman. The score went to 18 to 24 Wimberly.

The Lady Texans put their last point on the board by directing a spike to the back corner of the Bulldogs’ court. The Bulldogs fell to the Texans 18 to 25.

The student section of the stands went wild cheering for the Lady Bulldogs. Bandera showed its skill at specialty returns like dinks, off-speed spikes, open hand tips and back court spikes.

The Lady Bulldogs also showed excellent blocking with several pairs moving to the net to challenge Lady Texans. Jessi Battle and Hannah Wells made a great duo at the net as did Jayla Blake and Sydney Moore.

Ashley Mott showed quick thinking with a dink across the net to the Texans. The Bulldogs pulled up to 5 points while the Texans held steady at 11 points.

Later in the game senior Xara Martinez brought her service skill to action against Wimberly. Jayla Blake returned a spike that brought the Bulldogs’ score to 9 points.

Taytum Moeller showed some strong play by manning the back court. A big save by Kinlee Lawlis brought the score to 14 for the Bulldogs and 23 for the Texans.

second game ended 16 to 25 loss for Bulldogs. The third game showcased each side’s errors. The Bulldogs trailed the Texans in final game and Lawlis stepped up to show serious leadership on the court. Both sides seemed to lose their steam and the Bulldogs bowed to the Lady Texans with a 12 to 25 loss.

The Lady Bulldogs traveled to face the 34-ranked Navarro on Tuesday, Sept. 19. Results of that game were not available by press time.