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Fabricated agenda from left won’t work

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It’s much easier to inspire with hope than with fear and shame, but the far left’s never figured this out.

And that’s why Trump will win.

The left’s all about control. School choice, gender craziness, guns, climate change…all are attempts to limit choice in everything but abortions.

The reality is, there’s no huge publicly driven call for gun confiscation or radical Green New Deal measures.

The left constantly fakes “mass movements” to advance radical, far-out-of-the-mainstream ideas.

First pushing forward fake leaders such as teen climate activist Greta Thunberg or gun control proponent Shannon Watts to call for huge cultural shifts on climate or gun ownership, they then use allies in Washington, D.C. and the Fake News Media to pretend they’re having a massive cultural impact.

Progressives know power isn’t just what you actually have; it’s what your opponents think you have.

So they spend significant time and effort presenting the Gretas, Shannons and the Hoggs of the world as having far more influence than they really do. But it’s all a scam.

Democratic candidates have babbled for months about massive tax increases and the vast societal shifts they’ll implement involving borders, citizenship, immigration, guns and health care.

Most Americans want nothing to do with this agenda, and it’s not an accident - or just luck - that the one guy who knows exactly how to motivate a real popular mass movement is facing a field filled with idiots trying to fake one.

No moderate can survive in a field which has spent vast amounts of effort over the last few months trying to “out left” each other.

But with the final survivor so much further to the left than any previous Democratic nominee, what’s the winning strategy of a socialist radical with an outside-the-mainstream-agenda of revolutionary change?

Their strategy will be to pretend this radical nominee is the leader of a massive popular movement demanding revolutionary transformation. And they’ll use D.C. politicians and the mass media to sell this pig and to shame those who disagree.

But Trump’s been preparing for this for years now. That’s why he makes it a point to use every method at his disposal to visually show how massive his rallies are.

The media mocks him as a narcissist who can’t stop boasting or whining about his popularity.

The reality is Trump’s been fine-tuning the methods by which he’ll spend the entire 2020 campaign demonstrating a real popular movement versus a manufactured one.

And I refuse to be shamed.

I’ve many disagreements with those on the left, but that doesn’t make me “deplorable.” It just makes me someone who has different opinions.

I’d prefer discussing these differences rather than being called names, demonized and being spit upon, but leftists just don’t seem to understand that.