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Christian Job Corps revamps

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    Sabrina Van De Walle, Programs and Site Coordinator for Christian Job Corps of Bandera County, is hard at work in her office. BULLETIN PHOTO/ Vicki L. George

The Christian Women’s Job Corps has become the Christian Job Corps in Bandera County.

After merging with the Christian Women’s Job Corps in Kendall County, and establishing a new board of directors, in lieu of an advisory council, they have begun a whole new set of programs.

The goal is to help women get started with the classes in a more timely manner and in a way that will help shorten the time involved. They hope to get more women graduating and ready for productive jobs sooner that in the past. In addition, they will offer some of the classes to the public as well as their clients.

The new programs are explained by Sabrina Van De Walle, who serves as Site Coordinator and Programs Coordinator, and Cheryl Tye, Executive Director for both Bandera County and Kendall County. Van De Walle is a graduate of the CWJC of Kendall County in 2010 and wholeheartedly supports the organization, saying it saved her life.

The first of the new programs replaces the old 12-week curriculum and is called Pathways. Currently, Pathways offers Health and Nutrition. The Pathway courses are each three weeks long, so the women can finish quickly and move on to the next class right away. When Health and Nutrition ends, the next class will begin, so that all the classes are covered, one block at a time. That way, a woman can join at any time, finishing one class, or block, at a time, until she takes all that is required to graduate. The classes are: Relationships, Parenting, Health and Nutrition, Money Management, and Career. All Pathways classes begin with a Bible study.

The other new program is called Jumpstart. It is for women who are on probation or parole, as recommended by Court Officer. That program lasts five weeks and is a condensed version of the old CWJC 12-week curriculum. While it does not include a specific Bible study, Biblical instruction is taught along with course teaching.

The Bandera County Jail understands that women need additional support to prepare them for successful work and home life. In that vein, they have recommended the CWJC Jumpstart program. They have also approved adding carefully selected paperback books to the jail library. The Bandera and Lakehills libraries have agreed to supply some books to that end.

Right now, CJC is offering a Computer course to the public. It will last nine weeks, on Tuesdays, at 1 p.m. Anyone interested needs to sign up immediately by contacting CJC.

Also, the CJC is hosting a Bible study that is open to all adult women who seek to improve their lives. It is called The Ship of Salvation by Lisa Rollison. Those who wish to attend also need to sign up immediately by calling or texting 830-688-2008.

Because the First Baptist Church in Bandera, who has been hosting the CWJC from the beginning, will need their Youth Building after March, the Christian Job Corps will be moving to The Lighthouse church building, located at 10,771 PR 37, in Lakehills as soon as possible after February 1. The building will be available to them at that time and is being prepared now. They hope to have all the classes meet in the Lighthouse for the next block.

In the future, they hope to enlist men to volunteer to lead the classes for the men in our county who need similar assistance.

Their mission is “to provide a safe, Christ-centered environment that encourages spiritual, professional, and personal growth to transform women, families and communities.” Van De Walle stated she wants “to encourage women for a better life.” Tye added, she wants “to give women a vision for the future.” To accomplish that goal, they seek donations and volunteers.

For more information, to donate, or to volunteer, contact the CJC of Bandera County, P. O. Box 340, Bandera, TX 78003 or call the CJC at 830-326-1457. Their website is cwjcofbc. com. Registration forms are online or by phone.