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Time to trust the president

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Some problems have no easy answers, like President Trump’s withdrawal of U.S. troops from northern Syria.

Syria’s been a mess from our initial intervention, long before Trump was president. Yet our failed politicians and media elite are screaming we should not leave the country.

Turkey, a member of NATO, invaded northern Syria, annexing a 30-kilometer zone solely because of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).

The PKK, a far-left (Marxist) militant and political organization aligned with Russia, is branded as terrorists by NATO, the European Union and the U.S.

Yet in the war against ISIS, we helped create the Free Syrian Army (FSA), among which some of the most successful groups were, you guessed it, PKK affiliates – the People’s Protection Units and the Democratic Union Party.

With over 100,000 displaced, many dead and chaos breaking out, Trump first announced a full pullout from Syria in 2018 but was convinced to stay a little longer.

It was easy to pretend things were fine until Trump came along, but they weren’t.

The Arab militias Turkey used in its invasion showed predictable behavior, executing Kurdish civilians and even a female Kurdish politician.

But these jihadists are just rebranded FSA, the same people the U.S. previously funded to overthrow the Syrian government.

Back then, Hillary Clinton insisted these “moderate” rebels deserved our support. Today, they’re detestable and she pins the blame for their behavior on Trump.

NBC correspondent Richard Engel is also disgusted by their behavior despite previously romanticizing them even after one of the groups reportedly kidnapped him in Idlib.

U.S. officials are finally admitting the FSA is “crazy” and unreliable.

But no one minded when they were murdering their way into conquering half of Syria with our support.

This should be a major embarrassment for all the “Lindsey Grahams” and retired generals - the foreign policy elites who previously supported these rebel forces.

It proves the Middle East is just a game to them, even as people on the ground suffer the consequences.

Because Congress refuses to discuss the current situation, we had no legal right to intervene in Syria then nor to fight Turkey now.

So President Trump in effect has said to the Kurds: Win your wars, surrender or flee. But our kids will no longer die for you.

Is this a gift to ISIS, Russia, Turkey or perhaps Iran? Or is this just the U.S. trying to solve a problem we ourselves made, only to create more problems?

I don’t know the answer any more than does Lindsey Graham, but many Trump supporters feel this is not so much an impulsive move as it is the president fulfilling a campaign promise.

Bottom line - trust your president and ignore the media narrative.

His gut instinct absolutely cannot be worse than the leadership of the last 40 years, where we’ve routinely sent people overseas to pointlessly die or be maimed.

We’re done with endless wars.