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John Cornyn’s silence should be a disqualification

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John Cornyn wants Texas to send him back to the U.S. Senate for a fourth term in the November election, but his willingness to turn a blind eye to Trump’s narcissistic villainy should disqualify him.

Cornyn, the Senate majority whip, has established himself as Trump’s leading Senate supporter, according to Don Jr., and has never objected to anything Trump has ever said or done — no matter how dishonorable, incompetent or unlawful.

Trump has utterly failed to enact a comprehensive national strategy to defeat COVID-19. It is projected that as many as 500,000 Americans dead before it’s over.

Other leaders from Germany to Singapore, to Italy and around the world have knocked COVIDd-19 way down in their countries. Not us.

Unlike the rest of the world, Americans continue to get sick and die by the hundreds of thousands because we have no national plan, no leadership from Trump. We are now international pariahs.

Trump continues to fail us and continues to lie to us without an objection or even a peep from John Cornyn. When Trump was impeached, Cornyn decided in advance to exonerate him — in advance of the trial.

As the Trump administration began scarring children by separating them from their asylum-seeking parents and then caging them, there was never an objection from John Cornyn.

The Trump administration continues to separate children from their parents to this day, according to Jacob Soboroff in his new book, “Separated.” Still, not a word from John Cornyn.

Trump has expressed his bigotry on numerous occasions, which includes referring to Mexicans as rapists, those attending a neo-Nazi rally as very fine people and African counties as a word that cannot be repeated in this newspaper. Again, no comment from John Cornyn.

Trump continues to abuse the office of president in a myriad of ways big and small, including personally and repeatedly instructing the postmaster general to double shipping rates for Amazon in an attempt to inflict billions of dollars of new costs on founder and CEO Jeff Bezos for articles Trump didn’t like in the Washington Post, which Bezos owns. Evidently, that’s fine with John Cornyn.

For Trump, the Constitution is phony. He has profiteered off of his money-making presidency from day one, including billing the government for hundreds of visits to his own properties. He has also had Saudi royals bail out his under-performing hotels, according to The Intercept.

His response to criticism for this is, “You people with this phony emoluments clause.”

We could hardly be blamed for not knowing what John Cornyn thinks about all this because John Cornyn has never said anything about Trump violating The Constitution or paying off porn stars or encouraging his supporters to engage in violence against his political opponents.

The list of Trump’s offensive conduct goes on and on, but never has there ever been a peep about any of it from John Cornyn. Party loyalty is one thing but betraying the public trust and forgoing basic decency and the rule of law by remaining silent while they are repeatedly violated is another.

Texas voters should consider that when deciding who to send to the U.S. Senate in November.